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  • The Free Music
    The Free Music, qui vient de paraître est un disque qui reprend neuf morceaux du groupe éponyme formé par l’artiste libyen Najib Al Housh, soigneusement […]
  • Santrofi – Alewa
    Santrofi is a young allstar band from Ghana, an 8 piece collective made up of a young generation of awarded musicians who have backed anyone […]
  • Nkem Owoh – I Go Chop Your Dollar
    Nkem Owoh, qui joue et chante dans cette vidéo “I Go Chop Your Dollar”, réalisée par Uzodinma Okpechi, est un acteur Nigérian très populaire qui […]

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As the main founder and moderator of a vibrant community, on a social network that closed a few years ago, I wanted the incredible content published over 7 years to survive and grow… That’s the reason why this blog exists: to allow all of you to (re)discover musics and artists from the African continent, in a single place.

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Header image: Asayaw Osattene Asante is an artist born in 1978 in Kumasi, known as the garden city of Ghana.