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  • Big in Jazz – Global
    From the Festival to the recording of an album… More here. Behind the scene ARTISTESMaher BEAUROY (Piano & Chant)Stéphane CASTRY (Basse)Jowee OMICIL (Saxophone)Ludovic LOUIS (Trompette)Sonny TROUPE & Tilo BERTHOLO (Batterie)Ralph LAVITAL et Yann NEGRIT (Guitare)
    Atalaku means “look here” or give a “shout out” to someone, in Lingala.
  • Genesis Owusu – Smiling with No Teeth
    There are so many influences (Punk, Funk, HipHop…) and so much musical energy in Genesis Owusu’s music, that it’s better to just listen to it… Genesis Owusu was born in Ghana and came to Australia very young.

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