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  • KoToNTeeJ a sa chaine YouTube
    Voici une playlist de la chaine vidéo du défunt blog KoToNTeeJ sur YouTube. La majorité a été filmée avec une petite caméra Kodak HD. Le son de ma précédente caméra était parfois un peu fort en basses du fait du […]
  • Nyege Nyege Tapes – Music for the Eagles
    East African Underground shows a group of innovative artists throughout the region, trying to build a creative community and share their future-forward music, pushing boundaries. From the Horn down to Mozambique – visionary music runs deep across East Africa. Artists […]
  • Cameroon Garage Funk
    Yaoundé, in the 1970´s, was a buzzing place. Every neighbourhood of Cameroon´s capital, no matter how dodgy, was filled with music spots but surprisingly there were no infrastructure to immortalise those musical riches. The country suffered from a serious lack […]

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