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Aboumba & Abeti Masikini – Kinshasa ’74

Aboumba & Abeti Masikini live in 1974.

In the versions I watched so far of the Soul Power documentary on the Kinshasa ’74 concert that was held a few weeks before the boxing match between Muhammad Ali & George Foreman (the famous “Rumble in the Jungle”), most of the “local” African artists don’t appear.

I’d never seen this part…

Aboumba & Abeti Masikini

Abeti Masikini was a famous singer in these years.
But watch her brother, Aboumba, play the guitar… Hendrix  anyone?

As far as I could read, his music was too revolutionary for the public at the time, and wasn’t understood.

Traditional Folk Song
Magali Ya Kinshasa
Limbisa Nga

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