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Compilation “Afro Baby – The Evolution of the Afro-Sound in Nigeria 1970-1979”

Nigeria in the 1970s had one of the biggest recording industries on the continent as well as one of the most diverse. The fusion of African rhythms and culture with jazz, funk, soul and rock was an Africa wide phenomenon but nowhere was it more prolific and active than the cities and dance floors of Nigeria. These twelve rarities highlight how the Afro – Sound influenced all areas of the music scene and how it progressed throughout a very creative and energetic decade. From funky afro-jazz, soul and afro-highlife to big, dance floor afro-beat Nigeria led the way in West Africa at the time.


  1. Alikali Adajo – The Sahara All Stars
  2. Lagos Sisi – Bola Johnson
  3. Son of Mr Bull Dog – The Mebusas
  4. Fogo Fogo – Fela Ransome Kuti and The Africa 70
  5. Ire – The Don Issac Ezekiel Combination
  6. Ipason – Tunji Oyelana and The Benders
  7. Asa-Sa – Fred Fisher
  8. Mura Sise – Orlando Julius and His Afro Sounders
  9. Omelebele – Dr Victor Olaiya’s International All Stars
  10. Afro Baby – Stephen Osita Amaechi and his Afro-Rhythms-Skies
  11. Ochonma – The Martins Brothers Dance Band

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