Blick Bassy – Woñi

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Blick Bassy shares the video for ‘Woñi’, the latest track to be lifted from his new album release, 1958. He’s dedicated it to the memory of Ruben Um Nyobé, the anti-colonialist leader of the Popular Union of Cameroon (UPC), who was shot dead by French troops on 13th September 1958.

With lyrics which speak of a modern Cameroonian society literally ‘drunk on fear’, ‘Woñi’ arrives via an affecting video – directed by Soweto-based talent Justice Mukheli – which explores the friction between the distractions of modern society which pull on younger South African generations, and the increasing disconnect with their own political and cultural history.
Blick talks about the feeling of fear that prevailed and still prevails around the colonial history, that contributed to the development of the tribal clichés, and that, today, alters his country.
He explains: “People live in fear, and to exist, this beautiful community is getting drunk with alcohol, with fear, uprooted, under the astounded eyes of the ancestors.”

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