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Griffit Vigo – DJ

GQOM from the Durban scene…

Old African Music

Los Fantasios – Assez Pleuré

Still untouched by human settlement barely 500 years ago, the islands of the Southwest Indian Ocean, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Rodrigues and the Seychelles were colonized by Europeans (French, English and Dutch) from the end of the 16th century on and operated as trading posts on the Indian route.
Slaves were deported from Africa and Madagascar to cultivate coffee, spices and sugar cane.
On the margins of the plantations, during clandestine gatherings, they exorcised their daily lives through percussion, singing and dancing. It is the tschiéga, chéga or sega, from Mozambique and Malagasy influence.
The gradual appropriation by the Creole populations of Western instruments and European melodic traditions (quadrilles, waltzes, polkas, scottish, romances, mazurkas), as well as the cultural contribution of committed workers from India laid the foundations of the modern sega.

Old African Music

O. K. Jazz – Tcha Tcha Tcha de Mi Amor

Brazzos et OK Jazz

Appears on Congo Revolution – Revolutionary and Evolutionary Sounds from the Two Congos 1955-62 – Album explores the Congolese rumba explosion.


1. Brazzos et OK Jazz – Cha Cha Cha Del Zombo
2. Brazzos et OK Jazz – Tcha Tcha Tcha Mi Amor
3. Essous et Rock-A-Mambo – Baila
4. Edo et O.K. Jazz – Kumavula Tubakueto
5. O.K. Jazz – Sois Sage Amour
6. Nino & Rock-a-Mambo – Allegria
7. Bagette et Le Vedette Jazz Orchestre – Rhythmo Vedette Jazz
8. Franco et O.K. Jazz – Tokeyi Kobina Calypso
9. Essous et Orchestre Bantou – Luiza
10. Beguen Band – Yo Me Moera
11. African Jazz – Vive Patrice Lumumba
12. Dewayon & Conga Jazz – Na Lingi Na Ngai Kubala Te
13. Kongo Jazz – La Belle Lucie Botayi
14. Grupo O.K. Jazz – Grupo O.K. Jazz
15. Rock-A-Mambo – Cherie Nini
16. African Jazz – Flowers of Luckness
17. African Jazz – Merengue Nico
18. Rock-a-Mambo – Les Voyous
19. Wendo Kolosoy with Beguen Band – Marie Louise
20. African Jazz – Ngonga Ebeti Independance
21. African Jazz – MNC Uhuru

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