Electro (House, EDM...)

Medicine Man Orchestra – Les Rythmes

These are binaural recordings, better to be listened with headphones !

Les Rythmes
Medecine Man

The Medicine Man Orchestra project was born from the meeting between the Beninese griot Seidou Barassounon and the French producer Mathieu Insa. It is a true sensory journey that brings together on stage the percussions of Mélissa Hié (Burkina Faso), the electronic machines of Alissa Sylla (Senegal) and the incantations of the griot.

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Teaser 2
Electro (House, EDM...)

AfrotroniX – N’ Djamena Lamana

Electro (House, EDM...) Soul/Funk/RnB

Hugh Masekela – Don’t Go Lose It Baby (12″ Hot African Mix 1984)

Don’t Go Lose It Baby
Pula Ea Na
Full album