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Tribute to Johnny Clegg

South African artists have come together to pay homage to legendary South African musician Johnny Clegg (1953-2019).

2018 – The Crossing

In 2018 a group of well-known musicians came together to celebrate the life and work of Johnny Clegg and recorded a special version of his song.


Final farewell tribute with Jesse, one of his 2 sons.


Weeping by Bright Blue, sung by Zolani Mahola

Backing vocals also by the Soweto Gospel Choir.

The original Beat-Tape disappeared from Soundcloud… Here are a few videos instead…


Vieux Farka TourĂ© – Les Racines

Retour aux racines de son pĂšre, feu Ali Farka TourĂ©, et aussi celles du Blues…

Produit par Nick Gold.

The title, which translates as ‘the roots’, represents a deep reconnection with the Songhai music of Northern Mali known as ‘Desert Blues’, made famous by his father via his own World Circuit releases decades earlier.


Lucibela – Curpim Sab

Following the road CesĂĄria Évora left open…

Her second album is called Amdjer (woman).