Old African Music

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe on Nigerian TV

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe had his own show on Nigerian TV in the late 80s, here singing the classic “Osondi Owendi” with his Nigerian Sound Makers.

“Osadebe succeeded in breaking away from the conventional big band format established by the pioneers of the music, a format that favoured melodic progressions that were in the common meter, church hymnal tradition. He succeeded in completely transforming highlife into the call-and-response pattern of African music.

Osadebe was only a singer who also played claves, but his role manifested itself in all the areas of highlife, composing, arranging and providing band leadership. He began his career from Empire Hotel, Idioro, Lagos, a club owned by Chief Kanu; which provided employment and residency for almost all the early highlife musicians. Osadebe was a sideman with Stephen Amechi and his Rhythm Skies.”

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