About AMF

This “About African Music Forum” page describes the origins of this blog.

DJM – updated Sept. ’22

About African Music Forum

From 12/2012 to 4/2/2019, there was a medium community of African Music Lovers on Google+…

At its peak, the community had 650+ members, and 100+ of them posting content, mainly music videos. This allowed us to explore new music genres, music memories and countries, as well as exchange through comments and shares…
Now Google+ is closed and so is the community.

Life after Google+

As the main founder and moderator of the African Music Forum community, I wanted this incredible content, published for 7 years, to survive and grow…
That’s the reason why this blog exists: to continue the previous mission in helping you (re)discover music from the African continent.

More info in French

Can be found on my main blog here.

For the nerds

This website is based on WordPress, and works as a blog. The RSS feed can be found here.

The blog is federated via ActivityPub, an open, decentralized social networking protocol. This means you can follow the blog on apps who support this protocol, such as Mastodon the micro-blogging platform part of the Fediverse.
The identity you can follow for the blog itself (as an independant instance) is: @cybeardjm@amf.didiermary.fr

Header image: Asayaw Osattene Asante is an artist born in 1978 in Kumasi, known as the garden city of Ghana.