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Djeli Moussa Diawara live (old bootleg)

This is a bootleg of my first (or second) gig in UK, @ Queen Elizabeth Hall on 11th March 1988.

As the late Charlie Gillett told it:

World Circuit’s boss Anne Hunt brought Jali Musa to play on two double bills in London with the Malian guitarist, Ali Farka Toure. Amusingly (to all except those who had to deal with the problem), neither Jali Musa nor Ali had heard of each other, and each assumed he should be top of the bill. Fortunately, as there were two concerts, the bills could be reversed…

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Then here’s Ali Farka’s bootleg too:

Ali Farka Touré Live @ Queen Elizabeth Hall 11th March 1988

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bitTorrent Bundles? People-powered distribution!

Between 2010 & 2012, with the unLabel part of my company CybearSonic (sound design), I produced a few African music albums, mainly from Guinea & Benin.With Djeli Moussa Diawara, there were 2 of them:a remastered version of his first album, known as Yasimika, as I could locate the master tape (unfortunately already mixed) in Abidjan. The tape was in bad shape, and it was a really complex job to extract the music from it.
1 of 4 tracks from « Yasimika (Abidjan 1982) »« […] Two koras, a balafon, and a splendid female chorus backing Jawara’s lead make for a deserved best-seller among Africans in France. This is contemporary-traditional Mandingo music, purely and wonderfully performed and admirably recorded. »John Storm Roberts, All Music Guide« […] I swear the emotion is higher here, the weave a quantum more intense. And of such quanta are world-music classics made. »« […] Yet once again his confident interweave and powerfully West African (Guinéan?) vocal feel (technique?) overwhelm secular skepticism. Right, this kind of Beauty is an ideological construct. Don’t we all deserve a vacation once in a while? »Robert Christgau, Dean of American Rock Critics« I’m not sure when I first heard the sound of a kora, but I do remember that everything changed in 1983 when I brought home an album by Djeli Moussa Diawara I found at Sterns African records Centre […]. Only four songs, all of them long, and I played this entrancing thing over and over, marvelling at the mixture of kora and guitar, the soaring voice of Moussa and the dreamy answering chorus of women. The endless circles of sound from the balaphon were hypnotising. I played all four songs on Capital Radio, and found that listeners were as enchanted as I was. »Charlie Gillett, The sound of the world (Dec 01, 2006)then, 13 tracks, mainly unpublished for « Paris 2010 », with some re-recorded in Paris. (Listen to a bootleg of his first concert in UK with this album).Yékéké (Paris 2010)From traditional music to Jazz, through a magical encounter with Madagascar.

You can download this album for free as a BitTorrent Bundle since 2014!

It was an interesting experience, both on a professional and personal level.Unfortunately, none of these albums were released on CD or Vinyl as they should have been… These were complex times for me…Now that I’ve left Europe and stopped working in the « Music Business », both these masters and associated rights are available for sale, including a few more unreleased tracks. Contact me!Watch more videos on YouTube (incl. live @ Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar and @ New Morning in Paris).

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