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Faizal Mostrixx & Suzan Kerunen – Ebikokyo

Ebikokyo, a bold and pulsating musical project from Uganda, which fuses ancient influences from central Luo culture with hypnotic electronic beats.

See also: Extra Soul Perception.

Ugandan “tribal electronics” genius Faizal Mostrixx forges an entirely new path on a live collaboration with celebrated pop/folk singer Suzan Kerunen and instrumentalist Aloysius Migadde.

The Ebikokyo EP – meaning “riddles” – represents an exciting evolutionary moment in the careers of these Kampala-based artists, reinterpreting the traditional sounds of Uganda with cutting-edge electronic production and a fresh upbeat pop sound. Unlike Afro-house and other dance music genres that incorporate sounds from the continent into club-friendly formulae, Ebikokyo takes Ugandan rhythms and melodies as the starting point for a whole new sound.

This collaboration emerged from impromptu studio sessions between the three artists. Faizal is at once the master and servant of Suzan’s melodic Alur vocals and Aloysius’ dexterous instrumentation. He brings out their most dynamic and alien aspects, sculpting them for the dancefloor and the ear. The instruments you hear include Njige, Agwara
and Ndara drums, as well as a selection of traditional Ugandan melodic strings and thumb pianos.

Soulful, insistent and extraterrestrial, the Ebikokyo EP is an
entirely original and infectious African electro-pop release from these three very different talents of the burgeoning Ugandan scene.

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