Fela Kuti – Funky Horn

This track “Funky Horn” can be found on different albums, such as “Fela Fela Fela” and “The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions” described below.

The ’69 L.A. Sessions recorded in 1969.
This album is compiled of tracks recorded by Fela’s ’60s Highlife band, the Koola Lobitos. They exhibit the earliest developments of Fela’s signature “Afrobeat” sound.
In 1969, Fela brought Koola Lobitos to the United States where they spent 10 months in Los Angeles. While there, Fela discovered the Black Power movement through Sandra Smith (now Sandra Izsadore), a partisan of the Black Panther Party. The experience would heavily influence his music and political views. He renamed the band Nigeria ’70. Soon afterwards, the Immigration and Naturalization Service was tipped off by a promoter that Fela and his band were in the US without work permits. The band immediately performed a quick recording session in Los Angeles that would later be released as The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions. Afrobeat’s combination of blaring horn sections, antiphonal vocals, Fela’s quasi-rapping pidgin English, and percolating guitars, all wrapped up in a smoldering groove (in the early days driven by the band’s brilliant drummer Tony Allen) that could last nearly an hour, was an intoxicating sound.
The track “Funky Horn” is a mix of Latin jazz and African American Diaspora influences

Funky Horn - Fela & Koola Lobitos

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