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Hailu Mergia & the Wallias Band – Muziqawi Silt

I didn’t write ‘Muziqawi Silt,’ Girma [Beyene] wrote it. We needed some original songs, so I asked him to write one. The funny part is that when I asked him, ‘What is the title of the song?’ He said he didn’t know and told me to come up with something. So it means, something like ‘the blend of music’ or ‘the art of music.’ Girma is a very talented person. He can do any kind of stuff. But he is a very quiet, very cool guy. He was working for a long time at a gas station in Washington D.C. The first time I heard a cover of ‘Musicawi Silt,’ I was so happy. Even Yo Yo Ma plays it.

Hailu Mergia via Afropop Worldwide
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