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Kasai Allstars – The Large Bird, the Woman and the Baby

The Large Bird, the Woman and the Baby is the track picked by the band for their 3rd music video: they were inspired by the supernatural atmosphere which, they felt, is a great illustration to the song’s tale of magic.

The Kinshasa DRC collective pursues its productive streak: elected by numerous publications as one of the top albums of 2021, their acclaimed 4th album (Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound) was recently followed by the Black Ants Remixes EP, in which six diverse and equally exciting artists revisited tracks from the album.
Alongside reworks by Deerhoof, Ekiti Sound, Martin Meissonnier and Spooky-J & pq from Nihiloxica, the EP contains an eerie remix by Italian Afro-Futurist Khalab.


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