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Khadja Nin – Sambolera Maji Son

Real fame came in 1996. In an attempt to buy itself some cultural credibility and to make a break from previous fake projects, the most powerful French TV channel TF1, selected Khadja Nin as its “summer act” with her third album “Sambolera,” (which consisted of broadcasting one of the artist’s videos several times a day during the summer). It could have been a risky choice for the channel, as well as for Khadja herself. “People often asked if I was not afraid of being swallowed up by TF1. The answer is – I’m not edible. This opportunity just helped me to reach a larger audience and to move faster. As I knew exactly where I stood, I did not fear anything for my own credibility.”

The future proved her right. Her career and her music kept the same level of credibility after she had sold more than 420,000 copies of “Sambolera” worldwide […]

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