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King Ayisoba – Modern Ghanaians

“Modern Ghanaians” by King Ayisoba is the fastest selling cassette by an artist from the Northern part of Ghana. The albums popularity started in Bolgatanga where the artist is from, but has spread through the other regions like harmattan bushfire. Singing in English, Twi, Frafra, King Ayisoba struck a chord with the Ghanaian audience and has embraced his 2-string traditional guitar (Kologo) with great passion.
Ghana Gazette, 2007.

“The idea of making a vinyl album with his best songs came in 2012 when he saw, during his tour with Zea through Europe, people buying vinyl and DJs playing from it. ‘I need to make a big cassette too’ is what he concluded. In Ghana the people do not play the big cassette (vinyl), nobody has the players, so the old people throw away the records because they are useless. Ayisoba selected the best songs from his albums ‘Modern Ghanaians’ and ‘Africa’, which were only released in Ghana on CD and cassette and he added his 2012 hit single ‘Don’t Do the Bad Thing’.
The LP is titled ‘Modern Ghanaians’ since it is, according to Ayisoba: ‘the best presentation of what my music and style is about.'”

Feat. Kontihene, Kwabena, Kwaku T

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