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Music from the Rainforest – Save the Baka

Music from the Rainforest between Cameroon and Congo

As hunter-gatherers, the Baka will build a village in the forest near a seasonal food source and stay there for a month or two until they have harvested all they can. “Kopolo” is a Baka word to describe a village where the surrounding forest is empty of easily found food.

As there is more pressure on the Baka to settle in permanent villages by the roadside, the forest around their homes becomes “Kopolo” and their hunter-gatherer lifestyle is threatened. In these villages they are forced into the cash economy, but are right at the bottom. Music becomes a way for them to earn a living and be able to afford to buy food for their families, whilst also providing a means of making a wider world aware of their plight and so fight for the right to have access to their traditional lands that they are rapidly being forced from.

Baka Traditional Song and Dance

If you want to help the Baka and their Rainforest :

The global project – Music on Bandcamp and other platforms…

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Patrick Memoli as far as I understand, having discussed with the ONG behind this project, they are nomads, but the forest is under attack by various external needs, and people are trying to have them settle near the roads, where they don’t find food (the theme of this song – Kopolo). Education and food are then needed. Music is one way to help them get some money and show their rich culture. 

wow, very good Didier J. MARY ! I can confesse  i first see this information on your post an then by listening developments on the national radio i have understood what’s going on! However, i’m know foolowing KoToNTeeJ !

Interesting reading by the end of this weekend Didier J. MARY ! j’aime cette phrase:

“J’y crois très fort. Alors, j’essaie de trouver des idées, voire des solutions… Je tente d’apporter une petite pierre, puis une autre, puis une autre… Les petits ruisseaux faisant les grandes rivières… J’espère qu’il sortira quelque chose de bien de tout cela…”

Certainement Didier!

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