Newen Afrobeat, from Chile

In Chile, or rather, in all of South America, there’s no real information about Africa. There is a lot of ignorance about that big continent that has a lot of different cultures, but we just think of it as “Africa.” Like it’s just one thing.

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Curiche, latest album (in full)

Our new album, Curiche, the title comes from that the Mapuche named some people curichecuri means black, and che again, is “people.” This is a word that has existed in Mapuche which tells us that there were black people living in Chile hundreds of years ago. That is history we don’t know. In school, they would teach us that it was too cold and too difficult for black people to make it to the Andes, which is very racist, and therefore we had no black people and no African roots.

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Listen to a live session with Seun Kuti

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