Old African Music Playlist

The Old African Music Playlist collects posts from the African Music Forum blog into a full playlist of YouTube tracks and videos.

This playlist will evolve with more and more tracks!
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About this playlist

In this selection, you will probably listen to these artists and many more… All generations, all styles, all origins…

More on the AMF blog

You should check some posts on my main blog (mostly in French), where I try to explain why I love old African musics and blog about it, as well as many more genres such as AfroJazz or South African Jazz.

South African jazz has a way of getting under your skin and moving you emotionally and physically. Its individual voice tells the story of a century of collaboration and conversation between African musicians and artists from across the globe. It’s dynamic and unexpected, yet familiar in the way that it constantly re-interprets the genre from a South African perspective.

African-American jazz began reaching South Africa in the early 20th century. […] This mixed American sounds with African cyclical harmonies and a trance-like rhythm. It took the country by storm and, with the onset of swing, the music became increasingly more complex and popular.

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