Oumou Sangaré – Moussolou

Acclaimed for its outstanding production, Moussolou, Oumou’s first album sold over 200,000 copies in West Africa and established her as a major star in Mali and beyond. Its title translates as “Women” and many of the songs deal with her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated country that still embraces polygamy. Utterly modern and at the same time respectful of tradition, this is a powerful debut.

See also in duo with Bela Fleck.


Full album

  • Djama Kaissoumou- 00:00
  • Diaraby Nene – 06:46
  • Woula Bara Diagna – 12:04
  • Moussolou -17:24
  • Diya Gneba – 22:39
  • Ah Ndiya – 27:33

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