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Pongo – Começa & Bruxos

Listen to Começa and Bruxos by Kudurista Pongo.

Pongo embodies the renewal of Kuduro, mixing her African, Langan & Zairian roots with EDM, bass music, dancehall & melodic pop. Her powerful, rhythmic, but equally fragile & sensitive voice draws us into her world, on the borders of dance & saudade, where no one has taken us before.


There’s something truly beautiful about the way Angolan-Portuguese musician Pongo (aka Engrácia Domingues) transforms her sorrows and struggles into dynamic pop gems that pack a punch. From her striking 2019 debut album ‘Baia’ (which includes standout single ‘Kuzola’) to last year’s superb ‘UWA’ EP, Pongo’s rapidfire verses and lively delivery are as vivid and exciting as the production that carries them.

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