Santrofi – Alewa

Santrofi is a young allstar band from Ghana, an 8 piece collective made up of a young generation of awarded musicians who have backed anyone in Ghana from Sarkodie to 2Face Idibia. Their mission is to bring Highlife back, not only to the world but also to Ghana, where the young generation has forgotten all about this great music.

“Back in the days in the 60s and 70s we had so many bands in Ghana, if you go to a pub to have drink or something there isn’t a DJ, no there is a band playing and they are playing their own music. Ghana is one of the richest places when it comes to music. Hugh Masekela (may he rip), Fela, Orlando Julius or Richard Bona they all came to Ghana to learn so much. But we lost it all, so we want to bring it back. And where ever we play we are starting to see our friends rethinking their attitude towards highlife and trying to bring out their inner highlife voice. But we also love to throw in some of the trending dances like Shaku shaku or Gwara gwara to keep the music fresh.”
Emmanuel Ofori (Santrofi) 

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