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Super Mama Djombo – Sol Maior Para Comandante

From WorldService about Super Mama Djombo:

[…] The third volume, “Sol Maior Para Comandante”, is really another album in the Regard Sur Le PassĂ© style, including a storyteller recounting the historic events. The difference with Bembeya‘s Regard is the fact that the events (the heroic acts of Amilcar Cabral in the luta for the independance of Guinea-Bissau) weren’t from a (relatively) distant past, but from a few years before the release of the album!

Like the Bembeya classic, the album not only conserves a very interesting chapter of African history, but also offers some brilliant music from a country which has remained relatively underexposed in the study of and research into African music…

This remarkable band was formed at a boy scout camp in 1964 and grew into a national band and ultimately a global phenomenon. After Guinea-Bissau gained independence from Portuguese colonial rule in 1974, Super Mama Djombo was the most popular band in the country for more than a decade. In 1978they took Cuba by storm, playing at a youth festival. They only had one recording session, in Lisbon in January 1980, from which five LPs appeared. In 1986 they broke up.
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