Burundi Black (1971)

Ce disque est relativement inclassable du fait de l’année de sa réalisation, et du fait qu’il a été produit par un pianiste français, de formation classique, sur la base de rythmes et percussions originaires du Burundi. Sur des samples extraits depuis un disque ethnographique, il a ajouté ses arrangements avec guitare Rock et piano.

Mais surtout, les tambours de ce titre ont eu un impact important sur certains groupes classés dans les genres Punk, Post-Punk ou New Wave, comme Adam & the Ants.

A noté que ces mêmes percussions ont été utilisées (samplées) par Joni Mitchell, Def Leppard et les Beastie Boys.

Does anybody remember this track from 1971 (here the 12″ version)? Based on a track from French Ocora’s ethnic recordings “Musique du Burundi” (1968), the guitar and keyboard were added by a French musician in the UK. These beats served as rhythmic foundation for many tracks later released by Adam and the Ants or Bow Wow Wow.

Old African Music

The Drive – Way Back Fifties


Apartheid social engineering in South Africa resulted in increasingly restrictive regulations in the early 1970s. Musical styles such as jazz, soul and rock were viewed as subversive, and there were more and more restrictions on radio, and licensing requirements that meant playing to urban audiences was inherently problematic. Despite these setbacks, The Drive were indisputably the most talented group on the scene in South Africa during this period, renown throughout the country. By the time of the 1975 album Can You Feel It?, sales were buoyed with rotation radio plays of the hit Way Back 50’s, the first track on the album, which is still revered in South Africa to this day.


Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies – Still Searching

Bongos Ikwue is a Nigerian singer and song writer born on the 6th of June 1942 in Otukpo, Benue state.