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Philippe Cohen Solal – Afro Bolero Feat. Angelique Kidjo & Mo Laudi

Un échange entre plusieurs voix d’artistes africains (le congolais Flamme Kapaya à la guitare, feu le camerounais Hilaire Penda à la basse, la béninoise Angélique Kidjo au chant, et le producteur, chanteur DJ d’Afrique du Sud Mo Laudi au micro) réunis pour la danse et la célébration de cette œuvre du patrimoine mondial.
L’hymne le plus populaire de la musique classique revisité en mode Afro Pop pour les foules du monde entier.

Radio edit

Extended version

Batuk Remix

Daniel Haaksman Remix

Poté Remix

In the beginning was the rhythm. I must admit that initially, I had no intention of being inspired by Ravel’s Bolero more than by its rhythmic figure, these famous two measures of ostinatos repeated 169 times on snare drum. As often, I like to confront a secular rhythm with electronic music 2.0 in order to blur the dance floors. When Mo Laudi, a Paris-based South African DJ, joined me in the studio, he delivered a great rap full of positive energy and geopolitical rhymes, from Patrice Lumumba to Biko and from Congo to São Paolo.

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Angélique Kidjo – Pata Pata (COVID-19 version)

Goodwill Ambassador Angélique Kidjo recorded a special version of Miriam Makeba‘s Pata Pata for Unicef to help fight the coronavirus known as COVID-19.

‘Pata Pata’ literally means ‘touch touch’ in Xhosa. The modified version sung by Kidjo includes lines such as: It’s a time to “Sit it out!” This is ‘no-pata-pata’… Stay at home and wait it out …..We need to keep our hands clean ….So ‘no-pata pata’…Don’t touch your face, keep distance please.

Original version


Yemi Alade Feat. Angelique Kidjo – Shekere

With plenty of Maasai warriors…