Jupiter & Okwess – Telejayi Feat. Marcelo D2

This one is more Brazilian…

Bolingo (Ça va Saravá) Feat. Rogê



Jorge Ben – África Brasil (1976)

A great funky album…


  1. Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) 0:00​
  2. Hermes Trismegisto Escreveu 03:51​
  3. O Filósofo 06:54​
  4. Meus Filhos,Meu Tesouro 10:17​
  5. O Plebeu 14:08​
  6. Taj Mahal 17:15​
  7. Xica da Silva 20:23​
  8. A História de Jorge 24:26​
  9. Camisa 10 da Gávea 28:13​
  10. Cavaleiro do Cavalo Imaculado 32:17​
  11. África Brasil (Zumbi) 37:03

África Brasil represented a milestone in Ben’s career with Ben’s switch to electric guitar and incorporation of both Afro-Brazilian and African-American pop music styles into his sound.

África Brasil (Zumbi)
Electro (House, EDM...)

Doralyce – Festa Boa

Doralyce is a important figure of political activism through her music: she is a Black, lesbian, feminist woman from Northeastern Brazil, a law graduate and was friend with the late Marielle Franco.
Her latest release, Festa Boa, celebrates gender diversity and sexual freedom.