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Medicine Man Orchestra – Les Rythmes

These are binaural recordings, better to be listened with headphones !

Les Rythmes
Medecine Man

The Medicine Man Orchestra project was born from the meeting between the Beninese griot Seidou Barassounon and the French producer Mathieu Insa. It is a true sensory journey that brings together on stage the percussions of Mélissa Hié (Burkina Faso), the electronic machines of Alissa Sylla (Senegal) and the incantations of the griot.

Teaser 1
Teaser 2

Victor Démé – Djon Maya

10+ years ago, I met Victor Démé and his musicians, when they came for showcases in Paris. Had been following the launch of the first album, and reporting on my late blog KoToNTeeJ. This song Djon Maya was on heavy rotation on all radios.

We spent quite some time all together, when it was possible, as they started to tour extensively around Europe.

Won’t enter into more details, but his sudden death knocked me down.

Djon Maya remixed…


Simon Winse – Malemaye