Matadi – Dance My Love

Matadi était un groupe de musiciens “mercenaires” africains basés à Paris et réunis pour un album unique afro-disco-funk avec le célèbre bassiste et arrangeur camerounais Aladji Touré.

Old African Music

Eko Roosevelt Louis – Tondoho Mba

Exclusive track recorded for the “Musical Flowers of Cameroon” compilation, available on STRAIGHT FROM THE DECKS by Guts.

Old African Music Soul/Funk/RnB

Jo Tongo – Jangolo

Our hero, Jo Tongo (born Joseph Ekambi Tongo Mpondo) was born and raised in Douala Cameroon. In 1964 he headed off to Paris to begin Pharmaceutical studies. Somewhere along the way the music in his soul eventually won out and he embarked on a life of music. In the latest of our series of “Funk Experimentals” LPs we dig for the funk. Not necessarily the artists greatest hits but most definitely the funkiest ear benders. We proudly compile together tracks from 1968 to 3 new brand new exclusive tracks from present day 2017. And yes, they all have the funk. In spades.