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Yoruba Women Of The Drum

Not a lot of information on this album from 1995 with Madam Comfort Omoge and Madam Mujidat Ogunfala, called ‎”Yoruba Women Of The Drum”. It’s best to listen to it…

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Comfort Omoge was a Nigerian musician known as the queen and chief exponent of Asiko music, a traditional African folklore music of the Ikale people in the Western State of Nigeria.


1 – Madam Comfort Omoge and her Asiko Isale Group
Agbaiko, Denyin Neyin Mo, Se Ori E Odun E, Ya O Mele Ya, Ija Bowo Ale Le
2 – Madam Mujidat Ogunfala & Her Waka Group
Ayajo, Ileke Awo, Okiki Ki Posli, Come & Dance
3 – Madam Comfort Omoge And Her Asiko Isale Group
Munene Munene, Mo Bolodun Sudon, Harira Ma Je Nrahun
4 – Madam Mujidat Ogunfala & Her Waka Group
Ta Lo Nso Pe T’Owo Ba Wo, Oba Oluwa To Ndajo Afi, Yin Peran, Ki Le Pe Mo Se Eyin Abanije, Ololo Nise Awo Won Ninu Igbo Musical

Rhythm styles on this album are called Waka and Asiko.

A second album seem to have existed, called “Dueling Turbans”, from the same year, where Madam Comfort Omoge appears as main artist, featuring Ogunfalu, probably Madam Mujidat Ogunfalu who had her own group, called Apala Waka Group, as seen above.