Electro (House, EDM...) Old African Music

Zazou Bikaye – Nostalgie

From Zazou Bikaye’s album reissue “Mr Manager”.

Following the acclaimed 2017 vinyl reissue of the Noir et Blanc album, we’re excited to present a special edition of Zazou Bikaye’s second record, Mr. Manager, which only ever came out on vinyl, in 1985. This edition comprises nine additional tracks, including six previously-unreleased recordings, and three which were only included on limited-edition singles.

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Electro (House, EDM...) Old African Music

Zazou Bikaye + Cy1 – Lamuka (1983)

“In the early ‘80s, Zazou released Noir et Blanc (Black and White) and despite its chaotic development and the fact that he didn’t play a single note, it was among his finest achievements. Everything stemmed from Zazou’s introduction of CY1 (two Frenchmen adept with electronics, Claude Micheli and Guillaume Loizillon) to Congolese singer Bony Bikaye. As a journalist, Zazou was well aware of the pop music coming from Africa at the time. So while the debate raged among the New Wave pretty boys about whether it made more sense to sing in French or English, here was an album in Lingala and Swahili.”

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Bwana Zoulou Gang – Kayembé (1987)

L’époque voulait ça aussi à Paris (milieu – fin des années 80), avec de multiples croisements artistiques à tous les niveaux, avec des artistes eux-mêmes actifs dans différents domaines.

Flute – Alex Desplat
Saxophone – Manu Dibango
Lead Vocals – Charlélie Couture, Tom Novembre
Lyrics by – Charlélie Couture, Tom Novembre
Music By – Ray Lema

Illustration – Jano

Tosangela – Lead Vocals – Manu Dibango, Jacques Higelin, Lokua Kanza