Old African Music

Gnonnas Pedro – Yiri Yiri Boum

A few years ago, I tried to organize a Beninese live tribute band for Gnonnas Pedro, with one of his sons, Gilles Gnonnas.

This track was recorded live on 09/16/2014 as a “proof of concept” while rehearsing.

Rap/Hip Hop Reggae

Mista Savona – Havana Meets Kingston (Full Album)


  1. 00:00 Chan Chan Feat. Maikel Ante, Félix Baloy, Solis & Eugenio Rodríguez
  2. 04:50 Carnival Feat. Solis & Randy Valentine
  3. 09:59 Interlude (El Cuarto Intro)
  4. 10:30 El Cuarto de Tula Feat. Maikel Ante, El Medico & Turbulence
  5. 16:10 410 San Miguel Feat. Ernest Ranglin
  6. 22:36 100 Pounds of Collie Feat. Cornel Campbell, Leroy Sibbles, Prince Alla, The Jewels, Cali P, Lutan Fyah & Exile Di Brave
  7. 28:24 Candela Feat. Solis & Randy Valentine
  8. 33:20 In the Ghetto (Where We’re From) Feat. Aza Lineage & Birdz-I
  9. 38:13 Vibración Positive Feat. Randy Valentine & Anyilena
  10. 43:38 Heart of a Lion Feat. Lutan Fyah, I-Maali, Brenda Navarrete & France Nooks
  11. 48:49 Trumpet Interlude Feat. Julito Padrón
  12. 50:19 Carnival Horns Feat. Julito Padrón
  13. 54:34 La Sitiera Feat. Beatriz Márquez & Rolando Luna
  14. 59:04 Dubwise Feat. France Nooks & Prince Alla
  15. 1:04:19 Row Fisherman Row Feat. Prince Alla

Havana Meets Kingston 2

To be released in June 2020


Yilian Canizares & Paul Beaubrun – Noyé

Noyé is a cry of love from children of African descent