Mahmoud Guinia – Colours of the Night

The king of Gnawa music’s album Aicha is reissued.

Mahmoud Guinia (Gania or Guenya) was born in 1951 in the city of Essaouira, the second son of a master of Gnawa music. His family of both the father’s and mother’s sides came from present day Mali. They were employed as soldiers in the sultan’s army.
The Guinia family is regarded as the main representative for the Saouiri style.

He plays the guembri.

Maâllem Mahmoud Guinia died in 2015.

Live performance in Marrakech in 2014.


Download “Yékéké (Paris 2010)” for free

Listen below on Djeli Moussa Diawara‘s SoundCloud or here.

Old African Music

Admas – Sons of Ethiopia

“Lost” album, from 1984 (African Heritage Records), will be re-released en of July by Frederiksberg Records (vinyl and digital).

Sons of Ethiopia is a fascinating piece of the Ethiopian musical puzzle. Emerging from the community of Ethiopian exiles who had been scattered to the winds by the brutality of the Derg – the military dictatorship that had deposed Haile Selassie – the album was the sound of a new generation. The members of Admas were not musicians from the so-called ‘golden age’: they were children of the terror and propaganda of the Derg time – an era of state-sponsored neighbourhood bands and a propaganda-tinged traditional music scene, where the weekends were sound-tracked by the remaining hotel groups of a bygone Imperial world.


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