Hugh Masekela – Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz

Leader Stanley Todd Kwesi assembled a monster ensemble of musicians from the Ghana Arts Council, intending to form a new Afro-Rock group that would be more traditional & African in sound, and hopefully surpass Osibisa in popularity (alas it was not to be). (via Discogs)

  1. Languta
  2. Kaa Ye Oya
  3. Adade
  4. Yei Baa Gbe Wolo
  5. Patience
  6. When
  7. Nye Tamo Ame
  8. Rekpete

Hedzoleh Soundz were a band from Accra, Ghana formed in the late 1960s. The word Hedzoleh means freedom in the Ga language.
The album, recorded in Lagos, contains eight tracks: six are written by Hedzoleh, one by Masekela, and one is traditional. Their original melodies were based on traditional Akan & Ewe music and employed dark, organic-sounding African drums instead of modern western congas. Hugh Masekela was introduced to Hedzoleh by Fela Kuti. In addition to this album, Masekela recorded two more with Hedzoleh: I am Not Afraid and The Boy’s Doin’ It.

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Hugh Masekela – Night In Tunisia

C’est l’un des morceaux extraits d’une nouvelle compilation dédiée à Hugh Masekela “Township Grooves”, qui reprend des compositions datant des années 1965 à 1974.

C’est bien sûr une reprise de Dizzy Gillespie “A Night in Tunisia”, ici en live en 1981.

On retrouvera dans la sélection, le célèbre “Grazing in the Grass” et plein d’autres chansons, choisies par son neveu Mabusha Masekela.


BLK JKS & ALEKESAM – The Boy’s Doin’ It

Homage to the late musical icon Hugh Masekela, with a cover of his classic 1975 Afro-funk-rock “THE BOY’S DOIN’ IT!”

Featuring Masekela’s son, Sal Masekela (aka ALEKESAM) and his nephew Selema.

It’s one of my favorite songs of my father’s because it captures his ecstatic exuberance for life. I picture him at that period of his life, traveling the world like a madman, hanging with Fela in Nigeria, drinking all of the world in and just loving life.

Sal Masekela