Old African Music

Gatanga Boys Band – Wendo Ti Mbia

Keep change Kaitiru – 1977

More Kenya Special

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Electro (House, EDM...) Rap/Hip Hop

Nyege Nyege Tapes – Music for the Eagles

East African Underground shows a group of innovative artists throughout the region, trying to build a creative community and share their future-forward music, pushing boundaries.

From the Horn down to Mozambique – visionary music runs deep across East Africa. Artists Slikback, Kampire, KMRU, Otim Alpha, Aunty Rayzor, and Boutross, along with labels like Nyege Nyege, are pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, experimental electronics, dance, and sounds from throughout the region.


Sina Makossa Remix (Uproot Andy – Chief Boima)

Original song by Les Wanyika

Les Wanyika was a prominent band, formed in 1978, with Tanzanian and Kenyan members and was based in Kenya.