Old African Music

When videos disappear from YouTube…

I hate it when videos disappear from YouTube… it happens all the time, for good or bad reasons (mostly due to copyright claims…).

But, of course, I love it when long time not seen videos come back online unexpectedly…

This video was filmed in UK in 1988. The song is “Bana” from the album “Soubindoor” by Jali Musa Jawara (aka Djeli Moussa Diawara).

Here are some comments that where published by some of my followers who loved African musics, when I first posted this video on Google+ (now closed) in 2012:

Wow! such a  mixture of  great music tools we have here! and the swing between low and high notes bring out a wonderfull rhytm! (Patrick Memoli)

I love this… The bubbly percussion is so pleasing.There seems to be an almost Middle Eastern influence. Wonderful!…. Also, can anyone tell me what that large stringed instrument is, being played? Sort of a cross between a harp and a guitar? (Chloe Sellers)

Chloe, it’s a Kora, traditional instrument used by griots in the Mandingue space (Guinea, Mali…). It’s considered a fusion between a  harp and a luth.

Enthousiastic female dansers! And a strong question-response… I like this! (B. Massaer)

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When videos disappear…
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