The Soil – Sunday

Google Africa asked: “Keen to know what kept South Africans glued to YouTube in 2012?”

The list of most popular videos made and viewed by South Africans in 2012 is now out!  Here’s a chance to catch any big hits you may have missed, whether music, comedy, animation or crazy weather.  It’s great to see more and more unique South African content coming onto YouTube.

1. I Fink you Freeky – Die Antwoord

2. Jesus is a Shangaan – MduComics TV

3. Sunday – The Soil (vocal group)

4. Crazy Normal – President Jacob Zuma’s Speech -Trevor Noah 

5. RDP house in Limpopo 1 – MduComics TV

6. Baby’s on Fire – Die Antwoord 

7. Loliwe – Zahara

8. Heavenly Sent – MiCasa

9. Opening Medley – Joyous Celebration

10.  The Perfect Hail Storm Dowerglen Edenvale Part1