Aratan N’Akalle – Bariz

After fleeing the crisis in North Mali, Aratan N’Akalle (children of the country) met in a refugee camp in 2012.

Album: “Manamosse Kaltamasheq”


Tribute to an icon of the Targui song

Born in 1953 in Djanet, the author, composer and singer Othman Bali (aka Baly Othmani), whose real name was Mbarek Othmani, is the initiator of a musical movement introducing the lute in traditional music and poems learnt from his mother, great Tinde singer, with whom he travelled the world before passing away in June 2005 in a flood in his native town.

Together with Steve Shehan, they toured and released multiple albums such as Assouf, Assarouf or Assikel.


Steve Shehan, de Bali Ă  Baly

Steve Shehan vous invite au voyage dans ce documentaire qui retrace son parcours et sa rencontre avec Baly Othmani, l’homme bleu.

Ci-dessus le film-documentaire dans son intĂ©gralitĂ© (in French, with English subtitles) “Assikel, de Bali Ă  Baly”, qui retrace le chemin parcouru de Bali, l’Ă®le d’IndonĂ©sie, Ă  Baly, l’homme bleu…

Avec des interviews de : Wasis Diop, Zazie, Peter Herbert, Didier Malherbe, Loy Ehrlich, Paul Simon, Rokia Traore, Nabil Baly Othmani, Tcheky Karyo…

R.I.P Baly

Disclaimer: I work for Steve Shehan’s music label.