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Posthumous album for Tony Allen

This track “Stumbling Down” with Sampa The Great.

New album There Is No End released on April 30.

Old African Music

We Intend to Cause Havoc! (WITCH)

Witch is a Zamrock band formed in the 1970s, during Zambia’s post-independence golden days, and widely seen as the most popular Zambian band of the time.

After a long hiatus, it was reborn in 2012, with lead vocalist Emanuel “Jagari” Chanda.

And yes, this is “Classic Rock”! Just think Rolling Stones…

(Jagger and Jagari sound the same…)


  1. Introduction
  2. Home Town (Instrumental)
  3. You Better Know
  4. Feeling High
  5. Like A Chicken
  6. See You Mama
  7. That’s What I Want
  8. Try Me (Instrumental)
  9. No Time


  1. Black Tears
  2. Motherless Child
  3. Tooth Factory
  4. Strange Dream
  5. Look Out
  6. Havoc
  7. October Night
  8. Off Ma Boots
  9. Lazy Bones
  10. Little Clown


  1. Living In The Past
  2. Young Lady
  3. Chance
  4. It’s Alright
  5. I’ve Been Away
  6. I Like The Way I Am
  7. The Only Way
  8. Smiling Face
  9. She Is Mine
  10. Mashed Potato
Old African Music

Ngozi Family – Happy New Year!