Thank you for the music!

Today 4/4/19 would have been Hugh Masekela‘s 80th birthday.

Google is celebrating this date with a special Doodle, available in some countries…

Doodle Masekela-80th bday

Unfortunately, this South-African Jazz giant/legend left us in January 2018.

Hugh Masekela was also one of the most prominent voices among (African) musicians who used their music to fight against apartheid. Listen to Soweto Blues with Miriam Makeba, Bring Back Nelson Mandela or Kwela Kwela below.

Mafikizolo feat. Hugh Masekela – Kwela Kwela

Hugh Masekela was a titan of jazz and of the anti-apartheid struggle.

There are many more tracks to be published to reflect the large musical influence he had, the way he borrowed from other genres to enrich his own compositions and all the artistic collaborations he did over the years, including with the younger generations.

Rest in Peace and Thank You for the Music!

hugh masekela

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