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Toure Kunda – Labrador

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What is this song about? Is it in Pidgin Portuguese? I think I hear the words Marabout, Pescado, Caminho.

I think you’re probably right. Clearly, this doesn’t sound like Wolof… The Touré Brothers, as many other African artists, met and used latino & cubano rhythms…
There’s a remastered version of the original song, where voices are clearer on Bandcamp.

“Released in 1979, self-financed by loans from friends and allies, Mandinka Dong – The Mandinke Dance – is the genesis of Touré Kunda, the cornerstone of the band’s unique sound, at the crossroads of Disco, Funk, Pop, Reggae, Portuguese, Guinean, Cuban, Zairean, Mandinke and Soninke music.”

It says it all… 😉

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